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Le Nouveau Moyen-Âge


Institut SupÉrieur des arts appliquÉs 

As part of my studies at L'Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués (LISAA) in Paris, in 1994, I had the opportunity to develop a designs collection.

Final school project, my collection was inspired by the Middle Ages historical period. Wood, metals, armor patterns, cathedral stained glass, hand painted plastic, etc. this theme has been illustrated through skirts, dresses and t-shirts designs.

My collection has been presented in a fashion show, marking my graduation.

Photos : © Benny Walson

Covadonga ANTUNA - Le Nouveau Moyen-Âge

Lutte permanente. 

Recherche absolue d'équilibre et d'harmonie 

entre l'homme et son environnement.

Tel est l'objectif de ma collection. 

Attirée par les extrêmes qui s'opposent, 

Séduite par les matériaux, 

Jouant avec les contrastes et les subtilités, 

J'essaie d'habiller la femme et non son corps. 

Merci à tout ceux qui m'ont aidé et qui ont cru en moi.

Je n'oublie pas. 

Il n'y a rien d'évident.



In 1993, I won the "Prix de la impresión" for my fabrics (cf, picture ), gave by the Ateliers de la Cour Roland. Created in1976, the Ateliers de la Cour Roland were lead by "promoting the acquisition of skills for the design and production of art and craft objects"(©). Thus, I have benefited from their expertise to create the fabrics, presented at my final school project, Nouveau Moyen-Âge.

After this final school project, I developed a plastics adaptation system on fabrics, which had a great success. 

This innovation led me to create my own brand and company, COVADONGA SARL., allowing me to create and distribute my products.

Afterwards, my brand distribution led me to develop La Botica I.

Final school project notebook "Nouveau Moyen-Âge" at LISAA, 1994
Final school project notebook "Nouveau Moyen-Âge" at LISAA, 1994
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