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La Météo des tendances

From December 2009 to December 2010, I had the opportunity to work as an Author/ Stylist for the Fashion Trends section, of the Canal Street website, from Canal + Group.

During this experience, I created the Weekly program  « La Météo des Tendances », on Canal Street.

Thus, I have been in charge of research and selection of fashion trends, Fashion trend Hunter and stylist for the journalist.

Find here an example of this TV Show :  

Example : March the 5th 2010 programmes

Élise in Wonderland brings us a gust of optimism, 

Her fluid and multicoloured dress gives her a girly and romantic look. 

And as of next spring, we will find them in a multitude of different prints. 

The lace underneath gives us a glimpse of LA, the trend of the summer. 


The bowl cut is on the rise and can be interpreted in many ways, long, short, rock coloured or wise, like Elise, but the headband is in a downward trend.

Indeed, the hair forecast of the week will be more the head-band and the headband, even the long Pocoahontian braid(s).


See you next week



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