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Covadonga SARL

With the technical innovation on fabrics, I have created my eponymous brand : COVADONGA SARL. 

From 1996 til 2001, COVADONGA SARL  is developed and distributed at La Botica I, in the XIème arrondissement in Paris.

Based on inserting plastic pieces on clothes, an art and decoration object, my brand has been distributed in several feeling points in France and abroad.

As part of the COVADONGA SARL development , I had the opportunity to participate in various prêt-à-porter trade fair, such as Whos Next, Première Classe and Workshop.

Press officer : Hortensia de Hutten

Dépot national_edited.jpg
Photos : © Benjamin Deberdt


COVADONGA SARL was born after my designs collection for my final school project at LISAA. Collection inspired by Middle Ages, I developed a plastics adaptation system on fabrics that had a great success. This innovation led me to create my own clothing brand and company,  COVADONGA SARL., allowing me to produce and distribute my products. 

The COVADONGA SARL creation led me to develop La Botica, facilitating my brand hightlight and distribution.

Photo : © Benjamin Deberdt


The COVADONGA SARL. t-shirts collection, flagship product of my brand, is based on an original but simple concept. 
This consists on a pression system, on the t-shirt, with
decorated plastic pockets, painted in the manner of a stained glass window
, or, filled with flowers, toys, gadgets, pellets, etc. At the end, you can constumise your t-shirt according to your mood of the day !


Photo : © Benjamin Deberdt


Fondation d'entreprise 3 Suisses Winner

Sept. 1996 - March 1997 

Winner for my clothing brand COVADONGA SARL.

This prize allows me to develop my brand thanks to the 3 Suisses infrastructures and contacts. Thus, my brand has been issued on the  3 Suisses catalog, as well as I have been enjoying their offices, contacts en company relationships, put at my disposal for emerging young designers in development. After that, I have been able to open my own concept-store, where I distributed my brand: La Botica I

Photo : © Benjamin Deberdt


This collection is the result of a collaboration with the photographer Benni Valsson, by adding his pictures in plastics pockets.

This artistic collaboration has been photographed by FLOR Silke Winter.

Photos : © FLOR Silke Winter


In partnership with the Ateliers d'Art de France (union for art professions), the Foire de l'Odéon highlight furniture, contemporary design objects and new creators in furniture and decorative objects.

For this exhibition, I have presented my panel creations (see the picture), based on painted plastics and other components attached, following the innovative principles of COVADONGA SARL.

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