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Photo : © Jean Hugues

This is my body which is thinking. It is more intelligent than my brain.It feels more finely, more completely. When my body is thinking...everything else falls silent. During those moments, my skin has a soul. 



La retraite sentimentale, Colette

Since, my youngest age, I have always been interested in manuel work. Touching, modeling, cutting soothes me, intrigues me and amuses me but especially, surprises me. 

Each new creation is the fruit of personal work and the unknown of our unconscious.

Lots of afternoons of my childhood were going surrounded by my grandma, Regina, and Laura, a seamstress who came to make-to-measure and alter the clothes we inherited from a large sibling group of 7 brothers and sisters. Being the sixth - after the time where the all four sisters were dressing the same - imagination was needed to differentiate ourselves and adapt to the "leftovers"! Those afternoons with two amazing women gave me a new material, not only for dressing, but especially for expressing myself through fabrics. 

 Still curious at 18 years old, I went to Irland to learn English and work. The landscapes, people and the freedom made me addicted to discovering and movement.

Back to Spain, in Madrid more precisely, I subscribed to l’ESD (Escuela Superior de Design) for a degree in Interior Design. Even if I like decoration a lot, fabrics were calling my name !

Who said "fabrics" and "creation", said "Paris" ! Et voilà, I applied at the Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués (LISAA), and got a Degree in Fashion and Fabrics Design.

During this period, several professional experiences in fabrics, at ROBERT L’HÉROS and the stylist SHINICHIRO ARAKAWA, allowed me to have my first approach to economical constraints and difficulties for small businesses to exist and keep their creative freedom in the fashion industry.

After finishing my studies, and after my researches for my final school project LE NOUVEAU MOYEN ÂGE, I developed a plastic-to-fabric adaptation system. This innovation allowed me to create my own society COVADONGA SARL, as producing and distributing my designs.

The encounter with the press agent HORTENSIA DE HUTTEN, opened many different doors in the written and audio-visual medias, boutiques and professional salons where I participated many times such as: WORK SHOP, WHO’S NEXT, the MENS, or LA FOIRE DE L’ODÉON… It was an exciting and productive period.

Afterwards, I won the FONDATION 3 SUISSES Prize, with the aim of distributing my creations in their catalog. Even if this goal hasn't been reached, I undertook other personal collaborations. Some of those precious collaborations still go on today. That was an incubator for young entrepreneurs from every form of universe, who provided us with its reputation and several of the tools we needed to achieve our goals : HQ, contacts… for our professional projects development.

Looking for a place to distribute my brand in SEPTEMBER 1998, the first LA BOTICA was created. Two others will follow in MARCH 2010 and MARCH 2019. Each of them with different goals, but still working with the same designers, artists and artisans to promote, distribute and perpetuate their work.

Along with these three LA BOTICA launch, added to the creation of two beautiful children, I have also worked as a seller and consultant. Thus, I have worked with shops based in Japon, run by the DEFO&CO society, but also for NELLY RODY, ÁNGEL SCHLESSERPROMOSTYLE, VZUG, COLECCÍON SOLO... and as a author-stylist for the CANAL + "LA MÉTÉO DES TENDANCES" group. Some of these collaborations continue to this day.

This is a small personnal, professional and creative summary of the last 30 years of my existence, hoping to enrich it for many years with beautiful encounters, surprises and creations !

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